Profiles of vocational college students’ achievement emotions in online learning environments: Antecedents and outcomes


The goal of this study was to identify achievement emotion profiles and environmental barriers vocational college students encountered in online learning environments. The individual antecedents and outcomes of achievement emotion profiles were also examined. Latent profile analysis revealed three distinct profiles: Blends of Negative Emotions, Nonemotional, and Pure Positive Emotion. Multinomial logistic regression showed tha­ texpectancies for online learning significantly predicted the increased likelihood of membership into the profile characterized by Pure Positive Emotion. The Pure Positive Emotion profile was associated with better time management and motivational regulation and lower academic procrastination. Text mining analysis of quali­ tative data showed that the major environmental barriers students in the Blends of Negative Emotions and Nonemotional profiles faced were related to instructor immediacy, peer interaction, help-seeking, and technical difficulties.

Computers in Human Behavior